Run. Fly. Fight. Survive!
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Battle Royale Mode

A little different from most battle royale games, our is unique! Each survivor can fly with a jetpack, boost their energy, and use powerful weapons to finish off their opponents. Look for medicine and special resources to be the top survivor!

3 vs 3 mode

An Impressive Arena Battle game. Choose your main Survivor, and two more to support you. Your supporters will help you in the Arena as snipers and healers. Choose your strategy well! The team that has the most points when the time runs out, is the winner!

Special Survivors

The survivor houses and buildings have special abilities. Some heal and some offer special weapon! Choose your survivor wisely and enter this island full of adventure and danger! Remember each house or building has something special hidden that can help you. So go on stay alive and be the last one to survive!

The full version is coming in August with many new features for $19.99! Buy now for $9.99 and receive the free August update!

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